Some of our Great Dogs of the Past.....​

We are hobby breeders located in Tucson, Arizona. We have been involved in showing and competing with dogs since the early 1990s. We have bred Rottweilers under the kennel name, Cubrienne and co-bred litters with Daviann Mitchell under her kennel name, Nighthawk. We decided that with our new breed, we would settle on a kennel name that everyone could pronounce (!) and that really summed up the Lagotto's personality.  Allegro means lively, cheerful and energetic! And in the early days when the breed's name was often mis-pronounced as "legato"-- another musical term meaning (among other things, slow) it was also a way to set the record straight about these lively, curly, water dogs.

Our dogs have earned AKC Championships and Grand Championships, Advanced Obedience degrees (UDX), degrees in Tracking, Carting, and Rally Obedience. they have also earned championship titles in UKC, IABCA, and in FCI shows in Germany, Switzerland and Puerto Rico and advanced obedience titles in Mexico.

Adrienne has worked in veterinary clinics and trains dogs and handlers for competition obedience. She has also trained emotional service and assistance dogs for Soldier's Best Friend (a group serving Military Veterans). We have been active members of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America, Adrienne has served on the board from 2010-2015 (including 2 terms as Vice President and 2 terms as President) She is also the Judges Education Coordinator, and serves on the breed standard and National Specialty Show committees. Adrienne has written articles about the breed for Show Sight magazine and Dogs in Review, been a guest columnist in the AKC Gazette, as well as working on an article for the upcoming issue of Dog News. She is currently an AKC permit judge to judge Lagotto, she hopes to add Rottweilers to her judging roster soon.

We believe in health and temperament testing, balanced and positive training. Our puppies are raised using the Puppy Culture protocals. We show our dogs in competition both to train our own eye further, and to prove the dogs' abilities to train and work in various events. We are proud to announce that we are part of the Canine Partners in Longevity that helps fund research of Dr. David Waters at the Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Center at Purdue University.