BERNIE goes Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes at the LRCA Nationals in 2018 under Italian Judge, Andrea Langiani! She was also RWB to a major the following day at the Supported Entry at Silver Bay Kennel Club. 


Bernie's Health Test Results:

CHIC # 135404 (All passing)

Hips: Good RWD-311G24F-VPI

Elbows:Clear RWD-EL170F24-VPI

Eyes: Clear RWD-EYE174/14F-VPI

Patella:Clear RWD-PA152/16F/P-VPI

BFJE: Clear RWD-BJE54/10F-PI 

LSD: Clear RWD-LSD53/10F-PI

Incorrect Coat: Clear

Bernie is missing a tooth, from an injury sustained as a puppy.

Bernie finishes the year as the #4 Bitch in Breed points, despite having to show again her superstar mother!  She is a mere 7 single points away from finishing her Grand Championship. She is proving to be a superstar in agility class too!

Bernie is from the repeat breeding of Jetta and Terzo. She is a mighty tough little gal with fabulous structure and a "take no prisoners attitude! LOL

Bernie age 5 months on the ramp at her first National Specialty in Ft. Worth!

Baby  Bernie at 7 weeks!

The Outlaws in Ft. Worth. Brother Remy (Allegro's Lock Stock and Barrell) goes Best of Breed in the 4-6 month Beginner Puppy Event, Bernie is Best of Opposite Sex!

DOB October 31, 2016

Sire: "Terzo"

Dam: "Jetta"

White with Brown

Scissor bite

16.25 Inches


Champion Allegro's Burnin' the Breeze "Bernie"