JETTA wins another Award of Merit at the LRCA National specialty 2018, under Italian Judge Alesandro Zeppi! Thank you to Jordan Confer for handling her so beautifully! She also was the winner of the Brood Bitch class, and her son Remy, Ch. Allegro's Lock Stock and Barrel RN BN also won an Award of Merit!


Jetta was the breed representative on the AKC website for many years!

Jetta finishes her Bronze Grand Championship in Perry, GA during National Specialty week. She is the first Bronze Grand Champion in the breed! She was entirely owner handled.

JETTA at the Peach Cluster in Perry, GA in the shows leading up to the LRCA Premier National 2016!

JETTA and Jordan winning a Group 4 in one of their first weekends together!

Heath clearances:

hips: OFA Excellent RWD-104E24F-VPI

elbows: normal RWD-EL47F24-VPI

patella: normal RWD-PA26/13F/P-VPI

eyes: normal RWD-EYE31/86F-VPI


BFJE:negative RWD-BFJE7/24F-VPI

Incorrect Coat: Negative Optigen 13-11769

Lysosomal Storage Disease: negative RWD-LSD13/31F-VPI

Full dentition OFA: RWD-DE2/13F-VPI

Reverse Scissor bite

18" tall, 34#

Jetta's health clearances (except Incorrect Coat) can be verified in the public data base at 

Jetta's parents​


Do Lagotto Dig?
Uh.....yeah, they do!

FLASH!! Jetta has completed her silver Level Grand Championship! For 2018, she was the #1 bitch in Breed points and is #2 Bitch in All Breed points, in the Canine Chronicle Systems. She finished the year #5 overall in Breed Points! She has earned her second invitation to Westminster!

Multi Champion Civetta dei Boschi D'oro "Ferrero"

Nostryffeln's Fiorella "Momo"

AKC Silver Grand Champion Nostryffelns Ottima Opera CM BN RN Multi Best of Breed, Multi Group Placing, Multi NOHS Group Winning (Import Sweden) 

(Multi Champion Civetta dei Boschi D'Oro ex Nostryffeln's Fiorella)