"Trevi" Allegro's Fountain of Gratitude

Ch. Allegro's Lock Stock and Barrel RN BN CGC "Remy"

Allegro's Ace-High TKN CGC "Ace"

Allegro's Sundance Kid "Vivi"

Allegro's Bandit Queen "Bella"

Allegro's High Stakes Gamble "Rainy Grace"

Allegro's Pearl Whupin' It Up "Sophie"

Allegro's Lonesome Dove "Cali"

Ch. Allegro's Burnin' the Breeze "Bernie"

​Allegro's Giddyup and Go! "Ziggy"

Upcoming Breedings

Allegro's All That Glitters at Dolce Vita "Portia"

Allegro's And Juliet is the Sun "Miranda"

Allegro's Midsummer Dream "Enzo"

Allegro's Outrageous Fortune "Hamlet"

"Reese" Allegro's Reasons to be Grateful

  • Ch. Allegro's Sonic Boom "Boomer"
  • Ch. Allegro's American Aviatrix RN BN "Amelia"
  • Ch. Allegro's New Era Crescendo RN "Era"
  • Allegro's Freddy For Take Off "Freddy"
  • Allegro's Sky King "Charlie"
  • Allegro's Fly Me to the Moon "Apollo"

The Shakespeare Litter 

Born July 9, 2017 2 Male, 2 Female 

Sire: Multi Group Placing GCHB Ch. Dolce Vita Taleggio "Jacques"       

Dam: GCHB Ch. Nostryffelns Otima Opera RN BN "Jetta"

"Pi" Allegro's Espresso Yourself

on her way to winning the Bred By Exhibitor bitches class LRCA National Specialty, 2016

Past Allegro Litters 

We have our breeding plans in place for both Amelia and Bernie! Their litters details are up on the planned breeding page! 

As breeders, we feel one of our primary edicts is to prove our breeding dogs against the best in the country. So it's taken some time to decide how to plan the year. In the meantime, both Amelia and Bernie have earned majors and points toward their Grand Champion titles, with Bernie finishing the year as the #4 bitch and Amelia finishing her CGC, Trick Dog Novice title, and her Rally Intermediate title as well as 2 legs toward her Rally Advanced title. She also earned an Invitation to the AKC National Rally Championships at the Intermediate Level. Meantime, Bernie has finished her health certifications and had her CHIC number issued.

So Amelia's litter is --fingers crossed--waiting to be confirmed. Bernie's breeding will happen in the Fall.

"Sylvie" Allegro's Best Part of Wakin' Up

​​​​GCH Friendly Lagotto Adriano 


The "Gratitude Litter"

born: 11/09/17  2 Male, 1 Female

Sire: GCH Friendly Lagotto Adriano

Dam: Ch. Allegro's American Aviatrix RN CGC


Ch. Allegro's American Aviatrix "Amelia"

"The Starbucks/Coffee Litter" 

Born January 4, 2015   6 puppies 3M, 3F
Sire: Panettone di Terra Incognita CM6 "Tony" 

Dam: Ch. Della Luna's Allegro Con Brio CM "Pippi"
 These puppies have all gone to their new homes..

Coffee Bean Slide Show

The Wild West Litter

born October 31, 2016 9 puppies 2 Male, 7 female

Sire: AKC Grand, FCI Int'l, German, Swiss, Puerto Rican Grand Champion Terzo Kleo of Golden Comfort CM2 UD TD RE NA TK-N

Dam: AKC Bronze Grand Champion Nostryffelns Ottima Opera CM RN BN

The Airplane Litter

born May 16, 2014 6 puppies 4 Male, 2 Female

Sire: AKC, FCI Int'l, German, Swiss, PanAmerican, Latin American, Puerto Rican Grand, UKC Grand Champion Terzo Kleo of Golden Comfort CM2, UD, TD, RE, NA, TK-N, TT "Terzo"

Dam: Bronze Grand Champion Nostryffelns Ottima Opera CM , BN, RN "Jetta"

​"Minnie" Allegro's Minnie Thanks